Our Focus For 2017

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With the 2016 elections over and policy-makers returning to the State Capitol, California Parents for Public Virtual Education is focusing efforts on the upcoming 2017 legislative session.

While much has been done to share our positive student stories and benefits of the public virtual education experience, CPPVE is now focused on educating new members of the State Legislature. Many of these incoming freshmen lawmakers — serving on key education and budget policy committees — will have a voice in determining our students’ future.

California policy-makers are embracing public virtual education for the numerous benefits afforded to students.  It’s our job to continue a positive dialogue and collaboration with state legislators and policy staff.  We need to share our personal stories, student successes and academic achievements.  Building a stronger and louder coalition of supporters for online education in Sacramento is our #1 goal for 2017.

The overall growth of charter schools and the enthusiasm for public virtual education in California is thriving.  As a parent, grandparent, teacher or learning coach, your participation in CPPVE is important! Join us TODAY!